Engine Differences YZ450F 2006-2009

I've looked at the fiche quite a bit, and as expected there are superceded part numbers every year.  The general assumption can be made that 'newer is better', but that is not true simply on the basis of a changed part number. 


Case in point:  The engine cases have different part numbers for 2006-2007 (2S2-15100-01-00), 2008 (2S2-15100-20-00), 2009 (2S2-15100-21-00).  Is there really any difference between them either from a performance, or internal parts interchangeability perspective?


Also the transmissions have quite a few changes in gear and shaft part numbers, but parts appear to be functionally interchangeable, including gear, shafts, shift forks, etc.

Could you throw multiple year trans parts into a box and select the needed parts at random and they would fit and work properly?


Thanks for sharing what you know.

I know that the 09 has more stator bolts. 4 instead of three I believe. That could be the difference in the cases.

There are no parts that I'm aware of for the '09 that don't directly fit the '06-'09

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