Need some advice

So I am new to this forum thing. But I am a college student and live about 15-20 miles from my college and I am looking at getting a 2007 Yamaha wr450f to use to go back and forth from school. The guy wants $3,000 for it. It's in really great condition. Should I try and buy it? And does anyone have any info/advice on this bike?

That price could be a steal, or a rip-off, depending on the condition of the bike.

That price is typical for a stock, clean, Allow framed WR450 (in SoCal).


Condition is everything, so use your powers of deductive reasoning to scrutinize the bikes condition.


The WR is not what we would call a 'good' commuter bike......unless you will also hit dirt as often as your schedule permits...then it's not important how good it is on the street.

I can think of 1,000 better commuter bikes unless you plan on doing alot of dirt riding too

The way the WR comes from the factory, its not set up to be road legal in alot of the more stricter states.

Some states req blinkers & horn & a stop light front and rear.....the WR has none of this

It CAN be converted, but you need a dual sport kit from Baja Designs or equivalent


What about a Suzuki DR 350S ? More road worthy and still reasonably capable off road

I would be doing a lot of dirt riding cuz all the land near me is fields. And it's hard to find a suzuki near me

Then you could go with a WR. Plan on a $500-600 Cush drive rear wheel too... And lots of money for maintenance.

You would be better off with a more street oriented bike. Then save more money for a ~$1500 used YZ.

You don't need a cush hub on a WR

It will be fine

Shouldn't need lots of money for maintenance just oil changes and filter cleanings.

Will spend lots more on maintaining a thumper vs a street bike at 200 miles a week...

I dump the oil every 1000 and do the filter every other change.  I'd do oil and filter every 3000 on a DRZ400, but it's more like 2 quarts instead of 1.  So costs about 50% more for me but 3X the labor.  That's all street miles though, hardly even a dirt road.  YMMV on that oil change interval.

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Will spend lots more on maintaining a thumper vs a street bike at 200 miles a week...

Depends a WR is as reliable as a DRZ. What are you maintaining. Must be something my 10,000 mile WR supermoto doesn't know about.

You might know the WR is a street bike in other countries.

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You don't need a cush hub on a WR

It will be fine


You don't need a cush hub on a WR

It will be fine

When I did the research on the WR450 before I bought one, there was a lot of controversy about the gears being damaged by riding on the street. So I got a cush hub and it made a WORLD of difference in the rideability of 4th and 5th gear. No more of that crazy jerking in the drivetrain,...almost as smooth as my street bike. So I don't know, but I sure like it, just crazy expensive,


As far as the OP, the WR would not be my first choice of a commuter bike, but that's me. 

If it's in good shape, that's a great price assuming it's street legal.

I paid more for my 06 and dumped a couple grand into already with extras

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