Info on aftermarket Speedodometers,

So i Have a Wr400 and gunna replace the broken speedo and wondering if any one had some recommendations on aftermarket speedos?



I have a new Vapor and the billet holder that I am looking to sell.

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Go for the Vapor Tech its a good buy for the money.  I paid $93 with free shipping from Amazon a year and a half ago.

I'll sell my Vapor with the Billet holder for $100. I only used it in one ride but I am selling my bike so I took it off. Never installed the tach or the temp gauge items.

I've used the chinese universal mechanical speedometers from ebay and JC Whitney on 2 bikes.  They work fine and fit any Japanese bike speedo cable.  Inexpensive and give you that old school look.  Also have used Trail Tech Vapor on 2 bikes.  They have a tach and temperature gage as well.   

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