It has arrived !!! Now here's a question for ya.....................

First of all i live in a remote place & this is the first WR 450 F i've ever seen in realtime,,,,,,,,,It's Beautiful !!!

Anyway, the grey wire from what i understand isn't an option on the 04. {so i may change the exhaust cam}

I plan on uncorking the beast & opening up the airbox.

Will i do jetting at the same time or see how it runs first :D

I would think that running it would be the way to go.....seems that the spark plug is a poor indicator :D Go figure...LOL !!!

I live at sealevel & plan on keeping the stock jetting with adjustments as necessary.

There is so much info that it is hard to know what to do for certain. :):D

Just buy the JD jetting kit off this forum store and you wont have to check your plug ever again. :)

I agree that the JD Kit is the way to go, but wouldn't i have to ride the bike & adjust jetting according to how the bike runs ???

My question is....Is there a "specific jetting setup" for an 04 with the exhaust unplugged & the airbox punch-outs removed at sea level. :)

Someone gotta have an answer :D

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