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Most of my rides last 5+ hours. I certainly don't stop on the trail to change the oil. I typically change the oil after every long ride, otherwise every 6-10 hours.

haha well obviously you are not going to change it in the middle of a ride. But for optimum performance and reliability, most brands recommend oil changes at 2.5 hours.

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I'm going so say again I've got an hour meter and log all my rides/engine hours/etc...

So for my o5 in the OWNER’S MANUAL & COMPETITION HANDBOOK it say's and I'm assuming that you are doing supercorss or serious racing..........

amoung other things........

replace after 3 races or 7.5 hours...


I replace frt/rear sprockets and chain at the same time when the sprockets start to deform. This is not cheap. I lube every ride and usually clean my bike after every ride. Maxima stuff to degrease and lube etc. I run renthal sprockets and chain. last replaced in May 2013 and have 100 hours of hard riding on them and still look good

replace after 6 races or 15 hours


I did my piston and top end about 240 hr's ago. 170 hrs since the hour meter and about 70 hours before. Bike starts every kick and runs strong. I'm going to sell the bike before I do this again

Engine oil filter etc.

I did one 6 hr ride and the engine oil looked dark so did all the oils/filters. But on average probably 10 to 15 hrs.

This is just my 2 cents

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I have an hour meter and that is my bible for maintenance. I only ride desert or mountain single track with rides that last 3-8 hours. On shorter rides I change oil after every second ride. On longer rides I will change oil after every ride if it's more than 6 hours. When I go out of town for multi day trips I change oil before the trip, and when I get back. Like I said I have well over 100 hours on my 2006 crf450 with a big bore kit and it is still running strong. I don't think the oil brand makes much difference as long as you are religious about your maintenance. I use rotella because it is inexpensive and has proven itself in my bike. When you change oil every other week 25/gallon adds up quick, and I don't see a benefit. Just my .02

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