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HELP - Gell grips or padded gloves to protect nerves in hands?

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Anyone who knows much about me knows how much I ride and love to ride. I ride some crazy single track up here in the mountains of BC, rip up the canyons on a modified GSXR, cruise and commute on a Victory Hammer and just bought a Custom Victory Cross Country, been riding for 40 years, had over 30+ bikes and lord help me if my riding days are over. Unfortunately my passion has turned on me and I've damaged the nerves in my hands and have muscle atrophy (muscle wasting) in both hands now which has temporarily halted any and all riding. My condition is hopefully reversible if doctors can find and repair the damaged nerves but this will happen over time and time will tell.

So on this topic does anyone here know of a way to protect our hands from abuse while riding, especially extreme enduro? I've thought of padded gel grips or gloves or even gel inserts. I know that there will be negative parts to adding size to the grips but I need to do something. I already have a well built bike, Husaberg TE300 with soft mount risers and a great suspension etc so that isn't the fix. I need to isolate the bars from the palm of my hands so that when I start riding once more I don't re-injure my hands all over again. My specialist doctor told me that this condition is unlike most he sees and has only seen it in but a few cases of extreme downhill mountain bikers. Typical issues of this sort are carpel tunnel and other assorted wrist injuries but I'm the lucky guy with something different. Any help would be appreciated. 

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I have heard of people filling their handlebars with clear silicone, the stuff you can get at home depot. Would just have to get a piece of surgical tubing, attach it to the silicone tube, put it in handlebars and start pumping and pulling it out as you fill it.

Little Jeff


Don't think my issue is coming from vibration but instead impact to the palms of my hands over a several hour ride in pretty extreme single track. My bars are rubber mounted with a BRP riser so that should do a decent job of dampening enough vibration. I like the idea of the Neken clamps that have the air shocks built in, the Twisted Engineering Carbon Flex bars or even the Fasst Flexx Handle Bars. I think I may even raise the bars up a bit more to lesson the pressure on my wrists as well. I've seen a couple guys with the Fasst Flexx Handle Bars, as a matter of fact I think Monk has them....I should rattle his cage and ask him how well they work. Going to check out the Rental full diamond grips as well........hell I might just do it all, why not go all the way.  👍 

I really appreciate all the help you guys, now all I need is some good medical news and a little luck. 







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