can't find timing mark for TDC

Need some help guys. I am checking valve clearances for the first time and can't find the TDC mark. In the book they show it as a large l that goes spans the entire hole. I see the 3 timing marks. Is it one of those?


Reading them in a clockwise direction, the first two marks you see should actually be part of a single “H” mark. The distance between the two marks or legs on the “H” represents the acceptable ignition timing range (which would be before TDC).

The third mark is TDC. Peek down there and line up this mark, then look up at the cams. If the cam lobe tips are facing away from each other you are ready to check, if they are facing inwards turn the crank one more time.

Hope this helps.

The timing mark is not as long as it looks in the manual, it should be very near the double lines . mike

On mine the timing mark is barely there at all. You have to get down low and it is the mark right on top of the flywheel right after the "H". Also as Hick said it should be lined up when the cam lobes are facing away from each other, or when the dots on the cam gears are lined up with the edge of the case, this is probably the most accurate method. I used a magic marker to mark mine. Look in the book and it spells it out pretty clearly.

Can you see the rotor spinning inside the hole when you turn the crank over? I use a mini-mag lite to peer inside the hole and can clearly see the marks.

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