Im pumped and ready to go... What should I expect?

A few years ago I passed my KTM 620 LC4 six day down to my son to play with. I kinda of thought i was over the dirt bike thing. Have no idea where that thought came from as I I started riding at a very early age, Raced moto cross for 7 years, spent the next half dozen years on xr 650's riding Baja along with a nice Cr5oo paddle tracker for the dunes. I bought the KTM as an attempt to find the perfect dual sport bike... It wasnt! At 300 plus lbs. it wasnt nimble at all but I must admit it was much better than the XR650s I had. The street was ok but it had to work pretty hard for long hwy cruising to get to the desert and other remote riding spots. So I decided to take a brake from bikes for awhile. 


Fast forward a few years and all my friends have gone full circle and making the SoCal desert scene again and well I got sucked back in...

I am just finishing up some barter work for a very nice 09 YZ450f. I've read all about them and Im anticipating wonderful things out of this beast. Power to weight it is a bit heavier than the Honda Cr500 2 stroke that I had but the suspension is twice as good from what I hear. It is 100 lbs lighter than my KTM LC4 but with about the same suspension im gathering. This next weekend is the first trip out on it and Im wondering just what to expect? Im so amped up about this ride I feel like a little kid going to Disneyland for the first time. So you guys that have had other bikes and now ride the YZ what can I expect? Any quirks that this bike posesses that I need to know about? My plan is just to poke around on it the first day down there just to get aquainted with the new pony then see how she acts on the trails the second day... Advice, thoughts, anything I need to be thinking about?       

Knock on wood but no injuries on my 09 yet.

Expect to have a blast. Hopefully the suspension is set up close to what you need.

Mine wanted to surge and die just putting around in the woods until I got heavy flywheel and bigger back sprocket. (Hotstart lever is my friend after it is warm)

I have a lot more fun on my yz450f than the dr650. Handles a ton lighter and much better power.

Awesome bike! Enjoy it

Good luck just poking around on that machine once you hop on after years of racing.

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I think you will be very happy.  Gear up a tooth on the front from stock and spring for your weight and ride.  The suspension on these bikes is miles above that KTM you had.  Motors are smooth and easy to ride.


In the socal desert the issues most complain about (handling is not as sharp as others and tendency to stall) are not too much of a factor.

Expect to have a blast, for more fun put in a rekluse and laugh your ass off! Enjoy!

Thanks guys for the responces. I have a buddy that has a yz250 and he said it is unlike his Honda in the turn. He claims his Honda you just lean and the bike just goes that direction. He claims that with his Yamaha you need to iniciate the turn by physically starting a counter steer and then push the bars towards the ground then it corners just awesome. He says he prefers the feel of the Yamaha over the Honda as you really ride it. He claimes the Honda feels twitchy? Im guessing the steering head angle must have a different angle or something? I couldnt really relate but Im dying to see what the heck he is talking about... LOL Thanks again

Rekluse installed and no money needed on flywheel weight, 06 cdi which wakes up bottom end a bit and probably the most important is an aftermarket pipe. I have used Dr. D pipes for years and really like them. Drain all the coolant and put in Evans coolant. This will make your YZ pretty much never boil over.

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