Clarke Gas tank

What do I rinse it out with before I put it in. It seems to have some plastic residue in it. Is there a special procedure that I must do before I install the tank? Thanks, Denis :)

Is that the 2.8 gallon tank?

Yeah..I got it in last week but it didnt come with any instructions?

The stock tank is a 2.6. So, why did you choose to go with the Clarke? I believe it requires the YZ shrouds too (as does the IMS tank.) Seems like a lot of money for not much more fuel. :) IMS has the 3.1 and Acerbis is releasing the 3.3 in March. :D

I've never had a problem with fuel capacity so I decided that I would save a little bit of money. Plus a couple of weeks ago I asked everyone which one they liked best and it seemed that people had problems with the Zip-Ty(IMS) tank. Yes, I did have to buy the YZ shrouds(39.99) from Yamaha. Oh well.

That's cool. I was just curious. I had heard the same about the IMS tanks and so I'm waiting on Acerbis to fill the gap. Here's to keeping the fingers crossed... :)

Are you interested in selling the stock tank? I would love to buy if your selling it!!

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