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2002 XR250R2 going to weld the stock shifter onto the shaft

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This is my first post to this forum; please let me know if I am forgetting any rules, decorum, etc.

Let me start by saying I own this bike for sentimental reasons. It was the first vehicle I owned in Maui, and I sold it years ago to help with the downpayment on a truck.  After I paid off the truck, I bought the bike back, and I must admit I didn't ride her much anymore. About two years ago, a criminal stole her, did a bunch of questionable work, then wrecked out in somebody's yard and was arrested. The police called me after checking the VIN, and now she's been sitting for almost a year and a half. Just recently, I got motivated and drained the oil and gas, and after about ten minutes of furious kicking, she fired right up like it was 2003 again. The problem I have is that the hapless tweaker completely stripped the shifter and the shaft, and I really don't want to open the case.  I am a very casual rider, but I savor the time I spend on my bike. 

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