stripped carb body (float bowl - Keihn FCR)

Hi there


I am putting back together my YZ450F 2005 after some time out of action.

Anyways i was tightening up my float bowl on the Keihn FCR carb and i stripped

one of the threads.   :(

Does anyone know what the thread size of the standards screws for that part is?

Also i want to use a timesert, what size would you go up to?


cheers  :aussy:


It's an M4x0.7 ISO thread, 12mm long.  I wouldn't "go up" to any other size.

Hi grayracer,


I managed to put nut on the end and use longer screw, i was lucky it wasn't one of the 

ones in which i couldn't.

Are you saying i can stay with same size  and use timesert? unlike helicoil?

I noticed its still leaking so i may have to replace gasket.



Robert :)

No, the TimeSert requires drilling the hole oversize and threading it with a special tap to accept the insert, exactly like Heli-Coils.  I was saying that I wouldn't increase the size of the screw that eventually ends up holding the bowl on.


TimeSert will specify the size drill needed.

Ok thank you, i think i understand now. Regards Robert

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