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DIY 570/610 MCCT

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I don't expect to get a lot of feedback here but here goes:


Recent new owner of an 01 TE570 in showroom condition. I want to make the factory engine last so I am nipping the Camchain tensioner problem in the bud.


This thread will self-destruct if someone can link me to the fancy-click-online-web-purchase form for one 2001 Model Husky TE570 APE MCCT. That is if they are reasonably priced. I am planning on making one myself. Any input appreciated, slam or not. This is my new dirt whip that I plan to baby til' the very end. Any thoughts on cam chain wear via street use VS offroad use ( 5-10k miles in x years VS 2 hours a weekend 1-2 times a month max.)


With mold-making experience to spare, I am confident in my ability to craft this piece together in a few hours. Its just a screw, oring, and threaded screw body. Am I missing anything!?


I would love to purchase the APE piece, if anyone can shoot me a link and I will continue searching. Thanks for listening.



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