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My 2 cents on my new Yoshimura RS-4 Full System

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I wasn't even trying to buy an exhaust system but from time to time I day dream on ebay mostly looking at the FMF ti full systems, the other day I looked at all systems for my bike and came across a full Yosh RS4 for 300 bucks brand new and said what the heck it's not what I wanted but the price is right at least it will let my machine breath a little better can't let this thing go.


I don't know about hp gains or dyno numbers or any of that stuff, but I sure can tell you from the seat of my pants my bike pulled a lot stronger and longer as if my gearing was elongated where I would normally shift I could still hold it on longer then shift and it was a constant stronger pull to the end.


100% recommend it to anyone looking for a full system and it's less expensive then other name brands, you won't be disappointed I'm still grinning from ear to ear

Oh yeah all I had to do was up the main jet I was good to go.



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