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Studs I am Using

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Using these studs on a set of Conti TKC 80 so I can ride ice with my buddies.


150/70/17 rear and 120/70/17 front


Got the Conti from Motorcycle superstore.


Should be interesting as I will be the only one running 17inch wheels out there. Most are on 450/250 MX bikes.


I plan to run the GoPro.


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Car tire studs are way cheaper, you just need to put a hole(s) in the knobs.

Here's one of many threads on the subject here, do a search:


I cut a plug from each knob, via a cookie cutter made from a piece of small tubing spun in a drill, and pull out the plug with needle nose pliers, with the tires mounted and aired up.

Then take the tires to a tire shop for stud installs.

just sayin'


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I make my own studded tires for my SM on 17" wheels using old street tires.

1-1/4" studs, 1" fender washer, 1/4" washers (inside the front tire), 1/4" nyloc nut.


Drill out the pattern.



Washer on the inside, stud, washer on the outside, Nyloc nut with red loctite.



It's a long and slow process. Totally worth it. I used an air impact to tighten the nuts down. The drill couldn't hack it.



The blocks of wood help keep the beads from closing up while I'm working.



The real trick to making these tires is the liners so you can run the tubes without popping them on the bolt heads.

The liners are made of old tires with the sidewalls cut off.


Mounted up. The road was compacted snow/ice so I went for a couple laps up and down my street.

The studs picked up every piece of garbage hidden in the snow. I had to stop to remove a roll of tape that they picked up. Hah.




A bunch of us riding up the (mostly) frozen river.




(Mostly) frozen river.





It takes about 8-12 hours total to make these. The cost of materials is roughly $200 (for the pair) which can vary widely depending on where you source the hardware.

I change the gear from 15T front to a 13T. The other guys run 15T/50T combo and 15T/70T combo. Haha. 

Front tire with liner (no wheel) = 27lbs

Rear tire with liner (no wheel) = 32lbs

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