07 yz450 running problem

Hello . I'm in need of some help. I have a 07 yz450 and had the stator go out last month. I have recently put a new one in and went ridding for the first time Saturday after the installation of the new stator and The bike ran awesome. Well we rode a bit and stop shut it off and would not resart. I kicked and kicked nothing would work. I could bump start it easy and would run normal. When it get hot it won't start when it cools down it will start right up. I have retested coil, and stator everything checks out but I don't see spark

Are you using the hotstart lever when trying to start it hot?

When you checked for spark while hot how did you do this? If it bump starts while hot, it must have spark...

I have used the hot start and nothing. Can a new stator be faulty when it's hot ?

maybe spark plug coil?

If you can bump start it, and have it run without problems until you shut it off, you have spark.  Most starting problems with YZ450's are in the carburetor.  Get the idle circuit set up as it should be, use the right technique, and you shouldn't have that much trouble.

Yes I have checked the coil and it checks out.the carb do sent make sense if it will start cold and not when hot.

So I ran the bike today to get it hot and found at operating Temps the new stator is bad.

Bad as in open, or bad as in high resistance?  Or does it short when hot?

Bad high resistance

How much higher than spec?

I had the exact same issue with my 08 after a stator failure and it ended up being a bad CDI. Always worth a shot just not cheap.

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