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'09-'12 450R - what to watch out for? Thinking of trading CR300

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I have a really nicely custom built Gen-3 CR250R 2-stroke with a 300 kit on it, Rekluse, good suspension, Tubeless, bunch of other goodies.  It doesn't get ridden at all, and is still in mint shape so I've been tossing around the idea of trading it for an '09-'12 450R to just use for a track bike.


Are these reliable as far as 450's go?  Do they have the same valve wear problem that the earlier 450R's had?  How is the fit for a 6' tall rider?  What should I know about this generation?  I know they had some chassis balance issues, but it sounds like a re-spring and a shock spacer/link clears up most of that.  Clutches?  EFI issues?  Bottom end problems?


Also if anyone is interested in a 300cc 2-stroke to trade, get in touch with me.

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