Rear Suspension Maintenance questions

It's that time again to take apart the rear suspension and re-grease it. My question is what socket sizes are needed to take it apart and any special tools or make sure you have this xxxx before you start tips? The last time I torn it down was at a buddy's shop who had all the right tools, but this time I'm doing it at home and my tool collection isn't quite as good as his.

Thanks for your help

You will need two 22mm sockets for the swingarm to linkage bolt, and a 22mm wrench for the linkage to frame bolt.

Oh, and you might be able to use 7/8" if that is all you have.

check out the thread on the WR250 side... grease fitting or something... it links to this old posting...

excellent instruction on what to do...

Have fun,


Thanks for the info guys. I found the post yamaha.dude, thanks that's what I was looking for

If anyone else is interested here's the LINK

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