New '14

I just got my new 2014 on Friday and took it out on my local trails for a break in hour. 


First impression is that the loose front end was IN MY FACE noticeable. I threw it hard into a smooth berm and almost crashed.


I can't complain too loud, as it was rock stock and I didn't fiddle with the suspension settings or even set the sag. 


I have 20mm clamps on order. I'm hoping that will help. 


I also noticed the suspension was really stiff. I'm 200 lbs. I'm hoping messing with the clickers will help. 


It is a sweet bike. I love the power and overall feel. It will be better with my personal upgrades/adjustments. Hopefully the front end will get better with tweaking too.

At 200 pounds you will probably want a stiffer rear spring to achieve proper sag. Stock is a 5.9kg and a 6.22 or closest is recommended.

That is a thought. The suspension seemed so dang stiff as is though. I backed off a couple clicks on everything so we'll see how that works. I thought I've read that it takes 6-7 hours for the suspension to break in and start feeling good?


I loved the SSS on my 2006. Hoping this will feel just as good or better. 

So I rode it for the 2nd time this weekend. I've been waiting to ride till I got some mods done. Applied 20mm triple clamps with scotts damper mount, gytr flywheel, 2015 motor mounts, guts tall seat kit and a few other misc items. 


The steering is WAY better with these mods. Since I did them all at the same time, I can't tell you what the motor mounts did vs the triple clamps, vs the steering damper. All I know is it's a night and day difference the way it sticks in the corners. 


I also softened all the clickers 2 clicks. 


I have a few other mods in mind, but nothing pressing. Time to ride! 

From Bend huh?

Bet the 2 clicks on the suspension made as much difference as the 1000 bucks you spent.

The front end felt like it had some vague, non-settled feeling until I put the bars full-forward (#1 position I think?).  All gone.  Front goes where I want every single time now.


I haven't even touched clickers or sag yet either, which for me is extremely rare.  The bike just works.

Depends on weight a lot. If you weigh around 170# bike should work well bone stock

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