chain buffer

I'm from the crf forum but I'm bouncing over here to ask you guys if your bikes wear the front swingarm buffer out quicker than the 2 strokes do? For those of you that don't know, the crf's including mine are wearing them out at an alarming rate. I have about 8-9 hours on mine and it is grooved almost to the point of replacement. The honda's for this year are odd that you only run like 3/4 inch chain slack, they get looser as they compress more thru the whole travel. The 2 stroke honda's are not wearing them out like this, it's only doing this on the 4 stroke.

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105 hrs. on mine minimal to moderate wear. expect at least another 50 hrs or so on slider. :) carries TM Designworks chain buffers, guides, and rubbing blocks. they are noisy, but have a long lifespan. they should make them for your bike by now.

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