Check this Sh@! out!

So I was riding at the dunes this weekend.  Shut my bike down and it wouldn't kick over again.  Took the top off and saw this.  Any ideas on what caused it?

get-attachment (1).jpg


get-attachment (2).jpg

I should have mentioned. My bike is a 2013. I read that other post. Do you guys really think I am gonna need a new engine?

You're going to need some repairs done in that lifter bore, that's certain.  You need a tear down to see what if anything else is crunched.

Any ideas what would have caused this to happen?

There are a lot of different possibilities.  It could have skipped time a rammed a valve into the piston, a valve may have seized part way open in the guide and the increased clearance and associated battering might have done it.  No way to know without digging into it.

Grey, since you mentioned it skipping time.  Right before I shut the bike off, I hit a jump.  I wasn't that high, my buddy estimated about ten feet in the air.  However, when I landed the back hit first, then the front slammed down really hard.  It hit hard enough that it sent stingers up both of my forearms.  It hurt so bad, that was why I shut the bike down.  Thoughts?

If the bike ran until you shut it off, then the jump had nothing to do with it.  In fact, if it was running when you shut it off, it wasn't out of time far enough to cause that. 

Okay. Thanks for the input. I am hoping to tear it down soon.

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