2014 wr450 graphics and such

Wristrockit--I've got dunes out my back door.  Which ones are these?  I'm smack in the middle of the state if you know what I mean.  West of Quincy?  I've always wanted to ride that area.

Yeah, this is right off of Highway 28 near Crescent bar.  I've got another video where you can see the GREAT BIG GIANT hill climb of death too.  Lol!!  Not in a million years would I try that thing!!

Doesn't look conducive to my trials rear tire!

First ride after "back yard" break-in.  It was full of fail but I had fun anyway.  This is one of several vids. that I took today.

Here's a quick little video from today!

Nice hill climb!  That place looks like a lot of fun right there.

Well, I gotta go back to the bike shop tomorrow and return the Roxx bar risers I bought 'cuz they won't work soooo, since I just happen to have $200 burning a hole in my pocket, I think I'll go ahead and order the race ECU and muffler insert while I'm there, mebee even a set of fork bleeders as well.  Man, I gotta tell ya, I had a Helluva time getting my Moose Racing skid plate on tonight!!  Funny how something that should be so easy can kick your butt.  Lol!!!  Gonna go wring it out tomorrow on some local trails.  Really looking forward to it.

Why didn't the Rox risers work? I have them on all my bikes amend love them. We're there issues with the clutch and throttle cable lengths?

Did a oil change with a new filter, it took exactly 1L to fill it up. Am I that lucky!?!?!

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