WR400f all 5 Clutch Springs Broken

Hello all! -first post here:


I have a 2000 WR400f that I purchased used, heavily modified, and not running.  

I just got it running nicely (carb issues), and I found that the clutch will not disengage even at the limits of its 2 adjustment points.  


I took the cover off of the clutch to see what happened and all 5 clutch springs are broken in multiple places.  I count a total of 20 spring pieces that I pulled out of there.  The clutch plates/discs are all within spec and the basket has no notching whatsoever.  I don't see any evidence of wear at all -everything else looks like new components assembled correctly as best I can tell.


The springs are gold colored (not painted), so I'm assuming they are aftermarket because as I understand it the factory springs are painted yellow and the yz springs are pink.


I'm not finding much information on this issue in general both here at Thumpertalk and by searching Google.  I have new OEM springs on order but I would like to know if I have an underlying problem that is going to cause this to happen again.


Does anybody have any ideas as to what would cause this? 


Right now I'm thinking that these were aftermarket springs with improper heat treatment.


Thanks in advance for any and all input!

Someone use junk ebay springs is all.

Someone use junk ebay springs is all.

. Yep I am incline to agree.i have never ever owned a top brand bike with 5 broken springs. Cheap and not up the task

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