2014+ big fuel tank

Has anyone put a ~3 gallon IMS or Acerbis tank on their 14-15? 


Looks like it carries the weight really low which seems good. What I wonder is if it worsens the already light feel of the front end. 

I've been using the IMS for a few months now and like it a lot. Going into it I was concerned about the front end feeling lighter but it hasn't been a problem. Honestly, because of the location I hardly notice the additional weight of fuel at all. The IMS on my 2007 made the bike feel top heavy and ill handling in comparison. One thing to keep in mind on the 2014+ oversize tanks is that it's a bit more work to service the bike. The tank installs into the subframe and is then mounted on the bike. Overall, I'm very happy that I no longer have to bum fuel off my friends KTM's out on the trail.

I was wondering about it taking up more room. What else other than the shock does it take room away from?


Was swapping the fuel pump a chore? I did it on my old 500 EXC and it was a mild pain. 

It's really easy to swap the pump. The bolt pattern is such that you can only install it in one position. The tank only uses empty space behind the shock but leaves plenty of room for sag adjustment. My only real complaints are the additional time it takes to get the tank off and the left side "Bulge"sticks out a bit too much. Well worth the additional range.

Anyone have a picture of one with a dry break?

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