wr 400 idle wont adjust down

i have a wr 400 1999 that i have recentley rebuilt with new piston and valves, it has a dep 7 exhaust on it that is the only mod on it. The problem i am having is that i can start it without any choke on and no matter what i do with the fuel screw it makes no difference to the idle ihave gone from a stock 45 pilotjet to a 48 no change and to a 42 and 40 still no change i have sprayed wd 40 all over to check for air leaks but no joy in finding one . I have stripped the carb and checked the slide plate no cracks in it. the header pipe glows red as its revving high about 3000 to 4000 revs the only way i can slow it down is to pull the choke out half way and the header stops glowing but if i pull it right out it revs and if it goes all the way in it revs any he would be a great help


Does it have a hot start

Yes it does have a hot start on the handle bars

You probably need to service the hot start: cracked cover, leaking plunger, corroded cable holding the plunger open, etc

I will disconnect it tomorrow and try it with out any on

I will disconnect it tomorrow and try it with out any on


Uh, that is not going to work. Won't change anything.

You have to service the components on the carb.

Do yourself a favor and order an aluminium cap from Amazon. The plastic one can be a pain....

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