Quiet Exhaust Part 2

Have to agree with Tom just above your response. You are lucky (I think) you live in FL, cause I can tell with the exception of one person the many "officers" that checked my noise were just itching to write up people. I even had two USFS rangers in a out of the way Sierras area argue with me about the dated CA State Ranger issued sound pass sticker that I had just got and tersely insist they had never heard of it and would have to check on their own. :) It wasn't just me, you would have thought our whole group ran down a bunch of pedestrians. I gues the $250 ticket is a partial revenue source for our lacking state budget :D

I've got the PC496 and love it. Great power and fit, although expensive.

When's the last time you were tested with the PC496 and what did it register?

I think in terms of aftermarket exhausts, if it was clear that buying a specific exhaust was going to meet the new sound requirements, most people would just put the money down and get it over with. :D

What sucks is having to be a guinea pig and shell out hard earned money only to get sound tested and find out that, low an behold, you just pissed away $300 because your bike is still at 98DB! What's worse, now turn around and drive home because you can't ride at that level. :)

I have not had it tested. I called PC and they told me that they would stand behind the PC496 passing at 96dB - hopefully I won't have to see if they will.

I agree with you - I think it's worth the money to get a good after market pipe. I bought a PMB insert and it was much too restrictive. The PC496 allows power performance at least as good (maybe better) than the the stock pipe without the cork and is a few pounds lighter.

The GYT-R insert is designed to meet the 96 dBA limit and is pretty inexpensive. Power loss is minimal. It might not look as cool as an aftermarket exhaust because everyone can't see that from a long way off you spent a lot of money so you must be a fast rider, but it does the job. The last sentence was in no way meant to be directed at any person in particular, just a general editorial on my part.

chill dude. The PMB is restrictive.

The PMB is restrictive and they test us here in CA at 50% of redline. I'm a slow rider but want all the power I can get without buying a new bike :)

I am chilled. :D

Poway Rider, I was not referring to you personally, you were just the last post so it looked I replied to you but it wasn't meant that way. :)

The PMB and GYRT are very restrictive. I rejetted, played with it a ton, etc. and never got even close to the output of the open stock pipe. Here at altitude we lose enough power so I wasn't very happy with the setup.

The FMF Q is louder than these inserts but it makes considerably more power. For the type of riding I do and the people I ride with, I need the extra hp. Otherwise, I beat them in the corners only to lose on the straights and long up hills.

From my experience with my 2smoke, I knew the Rangers at Hollister (a CA state rec area) were strict on enforecement. Just after I got my WR I called them and asked the guys that sound test what passes most. I am not a FMF salesman, but they said that for WRs their experience was more than 90% pass with a Q. All the other solutions out there were 50/50 at best. If I have to spend the money I only want to do it once and it has passed many times now.

I bought the Q when it first came out. Put it on my 426 and I am diligent about repacking. I put the retro-fit nose cone on it when it first came out. My 426 is really quiet and I like the way it delivers power. I'd like to keep writing but I'm leaving for SUPERCROSS at pac bell!

Later Tom

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