Kickstand / Sidestand Needed!

Picked up a previously loved 2003 WR450 today, and unfortunately the previous owner had discarded the sidestand. While I'm totally down with ditching any extra mass - I'm also 'vertically challenged' (read: stubby little guy) and the sidestand offers me some stability assistance in getting on and off a tall bike like the WR.

Anybody got a stock kickstand that they replaced with one of the uber-trick aftermarket stands laying in the spares pile? Even better would be one of the 2004 aluminum units, but beggars can't be choosers... :) Please PM me or email to: if you have one you can part with.


SBK you got a hell of a deal from Scott on that bike. :) Just go out and buy one for about $60.00. I love mine. I think Scott's soon to be ex has it at her place. She might sell it to you. Want her number? :D

:) Scott was a pleasure to do business with, a super smooth transaction. Sounds like it really worked out OK for both of us. The bike sure looks to be set up pretty slick. I'll end up "just barely" DS'ing it, as it will be more useful to me that way.

Where can I source a sidestand for $60? The stock '04 is over $200 thru the dealer, so a TrailTech is looking pretty good in the $80-90 range - but $60 is even better! Thanks for any suggestions.

BTTT - Nobody has a stocker in the spares bin?

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