AC to DC?

Ok so i have a 2000 yamaha WR400 and this wiring has got me puzzled i see the regulator/rectifier and i was hoping to add indcators and thought lighting cuircuit was DC but i think its AC could someone please confirm this.




Your bike is AC (and a regulator only). You need to add a rectifier and a battery as there will not bre enough power at idle to run signals.. Go to the Ricky Stator site and see what he has for you.

Ok but would i have enough power to run high beam,tail light,brake light,turn signals and horn with a rectifier and it would charge the battery as well?

I had a  2001 WR250F which has the same rotor and stator and other electric components as your bike.  I floated the ground and used a Baja Designs regulator rectifier and a lithium battery in the air box, converting it to an all DC system.  It made enough power to run everything and kept the battery charged. I didn’t have turn signals on it but I’m sure it would have worked fine as the turn signals are something aren't on all the time.  If I were doing such a project I would use LED bulbs and the special relay needed for them to work.  Also use LED bulbs for the head and tail light. (yes there is an H4 LED replacement for the headlight)  LEDs use far less power than incandescent.  Ricky Stator doesn’t sell a stator to fit your bike.  

You need a rectifier and a capacitor. Call ricky stator or Cyclops adventuresports

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