First SuperX

I am taking my family (kids are 10,9, and 7) to our first SX in Minnesota on Feb 16th. My cousin works for Honda and she was able to get us tickets with pit passes. Having never been to one, I was hoping I could get some advise from anybody who has. I am very happy that the whole family is excited to go (dream come-true).



Bring food for a "tailgate" party. It sounds like you will be there all day. Enjoy.

You are going to need a good Mullet that's for sure.

I have in the past watched some practice and wondered around the pits.

The pit area can be fun get there early and have a look around. The riders will come out and sign Autographs. You get to have a good look at the bikes. some of the sponsers are there with product, for you to check out.

Dress warm, like I need to tell you that.

Expect a long day. Very long with kids.


Get your souvenirs early. The lines are horrible after the crowds start rolling in. Beware of all the drunks.

you will have a lot of fun! Im going to SX Anaheim tomorrow pit passes the whole 9 bringing the trailer out too, with a couple of toys to play with (hehe) see ya!

word! :)

Just took my sons to the Phoenix SX. Go to,, or and print out the riders names and numbers for reference. Also printout the days race schedule for reference. Bring a stop watch for lap times, it's fun to compare the from rider to rider. Bring binoculars. Bring 2 way radios if you have them, that way you can go one direction and the kids can go another (assuming they are old enough) and you can meet up later. Bring some snacks in a fanny pack, we couldn't bring a backpack in. Bring lots of $!

Thanks for all the advice. Ya, it does get cold up here but compared to where I grew up (40 miles from Canada on the Minnesota-North Dakota border) this is heaven. It has been a very mild winter this year. I actually have got out riding in the hills the last two weekends. The temperature was in the 50s and 60s. From our house you can see Mt Rushmore and the direction we ride brings you closer to it.

I do have one more question. The race starts at 7:00, with the pit passes what time should we try to get there to give us enough time to see things without getting there to soon for the kids to get bored? I know there are many factors to consider but a rough estimate would be great.


I notice that your from South Dakota. My advice, layers, just layers. And be glad that its indoor. Obviously ScottF didnt notice where your from. Food for a tailgate party? In what -8 with a 50 mile per hour wind. Lovely, just lovely. I hope your weather is nice, thats what I hope for ya. Oh ya, if you like beer, bring lots of money, here in Anahiem, $7.50 a cup for Coors light. The best part is ya get to stand in line for it. Im the first guy in the world to say lets make a profit. But gouging folks isnt right just cuz ya can isnt right


I went to the Phx SX. We got there just before 1:00pm and watched the practices for about an hour then went to the pits. It was already getting crowded. We spent about an hour and a half in the pits checking out the rigs, the bikes, getting lost, grabbing posters, etc.. Then we went back inside. The wait from 4:30 to 7:00 sounds bad, but they had some qualifier races starting around 5:30 or 6:00 so it wasn't too bad. If your kids are after autographs, I'd show up about 2:30 or 3:00, go straight to the pits, then go out to your seats. bring comfy shoes and a book, the lines are pretty long. If you don't want autographs but want to see the pits you could probably come a little later, but they usually close at 5:30.

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