Took out the tubes of the GYT-R insert.

I knocked out the 3 tubes in the GYT-R insert tonight. Took out the screw holding them in, heated the aluminum tip and knocked out the steel tubes. I caculated you get slightly more than double the diameter opening by doing this. :)

Sound check: Not as bad as I thought. It sounds very similar when the tubes were in and alot quieter than no insert at all. I ran all 3 conditions while I was doing this. I like the sound it gave. :D

Performance: Raining cats and dogs here, so no riding tonight. :D

Will update as soon as I can give her a run.

Do you have any way of getting the sound level checked?

I'd be glad to test the insert on my test bike(WR250). I do sound testing free. It helps out the racers especially and I sell a few parts because of it. PM me if you're interested.

Thanks for the offer, but I'm not worried about the noise. I prefer louder and faster. :)

Thanks for the offer, but I'm not worried about the noise. I prefer louder and faster.

Why use an insert at all? :)

Anyone want a GYT_R insert for cheap?

Tonight I took the insert out and went for a long ride. I didn't feel that the open exhaust gave any more power over the GYT-R tip with the tubes removed.

Just having the aluminum tip makes a huge noise difference. I actually prefer the sound with the tip (it sounds more trick... hard to explain). I'm going to use the tip again for now. Same power and a sweet sound. :)

Nice 5spoke. I'd sure like to know what the sound level is though (hint, hint.) :)

I'll try and sort something out, but it might take a while. When I get it tested I'll post it here and PM you.

I assume Billy Goat is in AZ. I really don't want to ship it to him to get it tested. :)

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