Where to get all new plastics for 2000 WR400f

Ok so got a 2000 WR400F and decided its time to get rid of old plastics and get new set as i brought a new headlight and looks odd with faded plastics. and wanna replace radiator shrouds, front and rear fenders and rear side covers for under $200. so does anyone know any places in Melbourne, Australia or will ship here?



Looks like all ringmaster carries is Polysport, who no longer makes kits for the first gen WRs and YZs.  Find someone ion Aus who carries or can order from Acerbis.  As long as you want stock blue with white side panels, they have a kit for about $100.00 US.  You can also find a ton from a company called Race Tech (don't know if that's the same US Race Tech that does suspension, but I doubt it) for a bit less, but not sure what shipping and import duty would cost.  The eBay add says they are made in Italy, so m y guess is it's just Acerbis re-branded.

Thanks for your input got some on order for $160 and will be here by Thursday.

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