bearing lubrication

Do you guys actually remove the bearings from the swingarm and shock linkage to lube them? I don't know that I could do any better job with them out than I could just leaving them in, and I worry about damaging seals and or bearings removing them. How about the wheel bearings? Mine are sealed on one side at least, I haven't had them out yet but assume that they are open on the inside? Are you able to save your seals or just go get new ones?

You would need a hydraulic press to swap those bearings. I have a 20 ton press in my garage and just changed the swingarm bearings in December. When I bought my 426, I unloaded it and immediately disassembled the rear suspension and greased everything carefully. When I disassembled everything again in December, the original wax membrane was still in good condition. The bearings were in excellent condition but I changed them anyway as part of my routine maintenance. Of course, I also installed all new seals and pivot bolts.

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