06 WR450 Subframe strength question

Hi guys,


I'm trying to turn my WR into a stunt bike, and I'm looking to build a hoop to add to the subframe to protect it from loops as well as somewhere to put my feet.


I've read somewhere that the subframe isn't very strong? Is that correct?


I was planning on getting some solid steel tubing and then drilling some mounting holes in the subframe to bolt it on. Am I going to end up with a snapped frame?



It's strong, but it's also brittle

It will crack will too much force/weight on it.

I would build an all steel version of it with extra bracing

Drilling holes and adding stuff to the stock one will just make it worse

You could also add welded bracing to the stock one, but you would need an expert welder to weld on to that odd Asian alloy.....

Ok cool. I looked into getting some custom work done and man, its expensive. Its all the the man hours trying to design it. The actual fab work is cheap. I need to get myself a pipe bender and a welding kit and do it myself I think!

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