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Power valve bearings

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Not having much luck over at the GGrider forums so I thought I would try here at TT! Do GG riders just not work on their own bikes or what? Anyways...


Trying to get my '04 EC250 powervalve assembly back together. When I disassembled it the left side sub-valve had only one bearing with the sealed side towards the sub-valve. Now, I only have the '05 manual but it shows two bearings (ME25616032) on that side. I have the two bearings that fit that came in the bearing kit I purchased. So...

Do I need two bearings on the left side? Also, as one side on each one is sealed, how do I orientate them? (1)Sealed sides towards engine, (2) away from engine, (3) centered together (seal to seal), or (4) sealed on the outside of each bearing?


One other thing... how are the bearings lubed if you have two in there? I mean, at least one of the two would be completely sealed off from getting any oil unless you go with orientation option #3.



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Number 4 is how I would orient them. Keep as much of the "contamination" as I could out of them. The diagram that I have for the 04-05 shows them oriented like #1 with the sealed side toward the outside. In reality it probably doesn't matter.


Thanks for the reply. Since it seems no one had a definitive answer I mounted them like #3. I figured they have to get lubrication so this insures some will reach them.

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