Help!!!...Yesterday my CRF 450 was stolen from the back of my truck off of Pacific Coast Highway in the South part of Laguna Beach. The truck was parked at appx. 5:00p.m and someone with alot of guts grabbed it quickly while I was visiting a friend after returning from Glen Helen. This bike was tricked out and anyone who knows anything about it or was in the area please contact me!...I will give a $1500 dollar reward for safe return of the bike no questions asked. I will pay $2500 for the people responsible and the bike!!!

I have pictures of the bike and would like to post them but dont know how! It has very distinguishing marks. The swingarm has a carbon fiber "AMP Link" on it where the chain guide basicall raises the chain from the swingarm. There are only 2 of these links in existence (the other one is on my dads 450). It also has a full FMF setup, Gold rear sprocket, #31 on the plates, and renthal bars. The idiots who stole it left about $1500 in gear and tools behind (luckily)

Please, someone let me know how to post a picture.


You can email me the pic at and I'll post it as soon as I get your email and send you a link to it.

If your ISP gives you web space then you can ftp the pic up there, but you will need to go through the help pages for your account to see where to ftp it to and how to get to it once it's there. It's really easy to do once you have the right information.

Out of curiosity, how long did you leave the truck unattended when they grabbed it?

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Pictures are already on the honda crf site.

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