really need some help

hi fellow thumpers,

i'm ordering a clark 4.3 tank and need to know

the approx dimensions and weight, the freight company would like to know.

Before i place the order - i just cant seem to make up my

mind what color to get and if i should get a dry break system, even though i dont race.

please let me know what your thoughts are

thanks a mil


Shoot an email since they make & ship these tanks all the time. They shoud be able to tell you all the shipping info you need on this tank.

I know IMS makes a dry brake tank, but I'm not sure if Clarke does or not. Unless you're racing or need super quick fills, then I wouldn't get a dry brake tank. If you get a dry brake tank, then you'll have to buy a quick fill, the quick fill receiver, a stand, etc, and that gets expensive real quick (another $500+ on top of buying the tank). You can buy a 'trail cap' that turns the dry brake tank into a screw on cap, but that's another $75 or so on top of the tank purchase.

Red always looks great. The clear / natural is also nice, but it will yellow after a while. Those would be my two color choices and in fact I have both of them. I'd honestly prefer an all white or all black XR650R, but since I coudln't get the rest of the plastic in those colors and decided I didn't want to do any painting, I stuck with the Red & Natural tanks.

I have a white Clarke 4.3. I think it looks Peeeechy! :)

I have a clarke 4.3 on mine it looks and fits great. Now if i could only find grafics for it. :)

I just bought a red Clarke 4.3 last week and it came in a box that was 20"x14"x17.25" and weighed 7lbs. You won't be disappointed, the quality is better than the IMS tanks that I have.

thanks guys - i cant wait to get it

next thing i'm gonna get is some decent handle bars.


i have the clarke 4.3 natural - i like being able to see my gas but it does turn yellow after a year or so - most of my freinds have red and it matches real well to the rest of the plastic - 100 mile rides are no problem :)


jeff :D

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