Aftermarket Tank Fitment - Rubbing?

Just about to purchase some goodies for the XR650R, and figured it was time to break down and get a desert tank (been too broke until now). Anyway, I could be wrong, but I remember seeing various posts in regards to all 3 tank manufacturers (IMS, Clarke, and Acerbis) about problems with rubbing on the XR650R (be it the radiator hose, valve top, or other). So, does anyone have any conclusive information? I'm looking for a ~4Gal tank, but can go down to 3Gal if that is the only way to stop rubbing. Thanks for the help!

PS - Also, has anyone tried Fastway F4 footpegs on their pig (if they even make them)? I have them on my CRF, and like them quite a bit.

my ims 3.2 gal rubs on the radiator to radiator hose and on the shock reservoir. for now i've put tape around the hose and foam on the res. wish it was a nicer fit :)

My Clark 4.3gal tank fits better than the stock tank. :)

Another prop for the Clarke 4.3. I'm getting one for our 250f as soon as Clarke is finished tooling up. My Buds with their 450f's have the Clarke 3.2 and the fit & finish are excellent. I chose the 4.3 over the IMS 3.2 because of the quality of the tank. It's nice to be able to have the range of the 4.3 whenever you need it but when you top it off...Good God, Man! :) I usually run it 1/2 to 3/4 full.

I've had both the Clarke 4.3 and the IMS 3.2. The IMS 3.2 tank is definitely slimmer and feels better, but the fit and finish of the Clarke is definitely superior. On my IMS tanks, I had to trim a standoff on one of the shrouds so it would fit properly. Even mounting the IMS tank is more of a pain than the Clarke. If you had both like I've had, you'd know what I mean. I have 4 IMS 3.2 tanks and they're all the same. I think its about time that I sell a few of these or at least two of them.

Riding wise, I like the IMS 3.2 the best, but the fit and finish of the Clarke is superior and if you need the range, then the Clarke wins again. I know IMS had a 4.6, but I'm not a fan of it, although some people like it.

I have clarkes on my bikes and could not be happier. As Rokatt said, the 4.3 fits the pig just as well as the stock tank, maybe better. No rubbing of any kind. :)

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