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swingarm seals

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ok so quick one really ive pressed the bearings in and im about to put in the seals and washers etc i know the washers go in first bu then i have two sets of seals one that is metal rimmed the other is just rubber from what it looks like i just use the metal rimmed ones as the other rubber ones are not on the parts fiche. should i use them both or what?

thanks in advance guys.


bought 135.JPG


bought 136.JPG

this is the rubber seal i dont think i need to use


i should add that im fairly certain that no rubber seals came out when i took out the bearings bu that was about 3 weeks ago and i have been busy since then and cant remember. but of the old parts that i collected they aren't in there

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this is a screen shot of the fiche




8. is the shaft seal bucket

9. is shaft seal the metal one

12. is the stop washer


its possible that the fiche is wrong i just dont want to not put them in and reassemble and have to put them back it etc.

the kit comes with four of these rubber seals btw

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i ended up not putting in the rubber seals did some measuring with the micrometer and there was not enough clearance for the seals to fit in as well so i couldent put them in there anyway it does see odd that they were even supplied but oh well.


those seals are a bitch to get to seat in so they go in flush. 

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