Anyone have a Procircuit T4 header for sale?

I need a PC T4 Header w/o any dings or damage....anyone want to part with one? How much?

As I understand it the header only works with the PC T4 silencer. I’m bringing this up because I wonder if you know something I don’t, or the other way around.

I have a T4 I’d consider selling, the header is fine, there may be a few dings in the can, but the silencer/collector is no good to me, or anybody, w/out the header. As I understand it, anyway.

I have the complete unit, header & silencer. The header sustained some damage so I am seeing if anyone has a extra or replaced w/ other make & wants to sell.

Hayseed, sorry I did not read your entire reply. I do not need the silencer but how much would you take for either the header itself or the complete header silencer?

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