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Need help!

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Would it be worth it to buy a 1998 kdx with everything but engine for $100 replace motor and resell for profit? How much would an engine cost me and what year engine will fit the frame? I know $100 is a smokin deal but for profit im not sure.

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Well, lets ask Ebay.

Assuming it has litterally everything else except the engine (carb, pipe, all electrical, chain, sprockets, rads, etc), I found a core unit out of a 1991 KDX200 For $400 shipped. That said, its a core unit. The description read "came in with low compression and did not run." I couldn't find anything 1998 or anything above 200CC.

Well say $400 for an engine, perhaps $200 for a full weisco top end, assuming thats what it needs. So you're looking at $100 for the bike, $200 for a top end, $400 for an engine, $50 misc, and whatever work it needs. Thats $750 assuming everything goes 100% perfect. That right there leaves a decent profit, if you sell it for $1300.

Of course, if you buy used, you know its never perfect. It always will need more than you figured. So lets say $400 for the engine, thats established. But it turns out it needs a replate and some head work at a lovely $350. Needs a carb, $70 used on ebay. (These are somewhat informed guesses). Needs a chain and a sprocket, $50 for the chain and $30 for the sprocket. Needs bearings in the suspension, $180 total for both linkage and swingarm bearing kits. Radiators, $100 used. These are all just things it could need.

Thats $1,180 total. And it sells for $1,300. Thats a lot of bang for no buck.

Not trying to discourage, just being realistic. Good luck.

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