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Two stroke choke and idle delete

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So I'd also be dumb if the bike came that way. Fully ported, no choke, no idle, pro circuit suspension, its got some crazy looking cdi and bunch of shit. Thought I could get some good input sorry.

You didn't say that. You said you want to do the work, in another thread you also mention you're sending the motor to EG for some work. I've read your other threads too and they make as much sense as this one.

What are you trying to accomplish? A lighter bike? Faster bike? Eliminating the choke circuit poses other issues as in general you need the choke to richen the fuel circuit to get the bike to start when cold. Either you have a full works motor, someone trying different things or someone who had no clue what they were doing and started slapping epoxy on things..

How do you know it's a ported motor? Or the suspension? You sure it's not just some decals slapped on the forks? Any pictures?

If it's just for your own shits and giggles, then I would recommend doing the work and reporting back your findings. Guys like NINO do a lot of their own experimenting, not asking for opinions but paving their own way... He will tell you his successes but I would bet my child he also has many failures...

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