Spark arrestor choices 2013 yz 450f

I have a 2013 yz 450 f and i live in beautiful colorado. Because the 450f does not come with a spark arrestor and there are thousands of miles of open terrain to ride away from the track i need to get one. My question is what does anyone suggest? there are caps from pmp, slip ons from fmf and full exhaust conversions. Jus anted to start a conversation to hep me choose. Thanks for your help

my Appoogies for the typos

I'm about to do a pmb cap on my 2012. I don't want a loud bike So the end cap makes perfect sense to me and saves me money. If you replace the stock pipe with a aftermarket that puts out similar sound levels I doubt you would see much of a performance gain so seems kind of pointless unless you just want some thing pretty to look at. This was my take on things when I was faced with the same choice as you. I race mx and ride at local trails.

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I went with the pmb cap, couldn't see buying a new silencer for the spark arrestor. 

If you get lucky you can score a slip on around your areas with a spark arrestor for roughly $150. Not sure what the caps go for but if it's within reason I rather have a nice FMF on the back side.

I won't say what's best, but every year I put a PMB on a 450 and every year I "fail" to get negative comments from other trail users or Forest Service officials about my bike's noise. Okay, they sometimes say "that bike sounds good" or "sounds like you ain't hurtin' for power."



That's all I really needed to know. My thoughts were to get the cap and not spend the extra money w but wasn't convinced. I now am. Thanks fellas

Here's a slightly less expensive option by Lexx. I like the fact that it comes with a quiet core at no extra charge.


After looking at a few thing and the review I went with the lexx performance exhaust. $50 more for a full slip on. Reviews were good and this way. I can go back and forth with a few mods

Here's a slightly less expensive option by Lexx. I like the fact that it comes with a quiet core at no extra charge.

I put the Lexx SA endcap on my stock exhaust. Fit and finish are great. Works great, sounds good. I have the quiet insert in and it still barks pretty well.



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