suzuki question...

sorry for the yellow question, (i give myself one of these -> :D just for asking) but i need some info :D...


i have a friend :D...(seriously) that owns an 01 rm125. he needs his fork seals replaced, and a friend-at-a-local-dealer-sorta-thing said he could do them for like $40 for him (he did my 98 wr4xx forks for like $25), and all other local shops want at least $80 :D, but he said he needs to know if they are cartridge style forks? he can't do that type. i know the 00 rm125 came with cartridge style SHOWA forks, but not sure if they switched for 01 or not??? :D:)

thanks for any knowledge you'd be willing to share :usa:




All of the real MX bikes use cartridge forks.

Does this year RM use Twin Chamber Showa's?

If they are NOT twin chambers (since I know zilch about those), seals are easy. You will need:

1 - seal driver

2 - cartridge rod holding tool OR pneumatic (or electric)

impact allen wrench

3 - allen socket to remove/hold base valve (on bottom of fork leg).

4 - your owners manual to step you through it.

learn to do this yourself, and fork cleaning & seal/oil replacement will no longer cost $40 - $80! :)

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