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How to replace yz250f water pump seals and bearing

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The bearings are "sealed" type, no greasing necessary.

Remove the radiator cap.

Remove the coolant drain plug and catch the coolant.  Antifreeze is poisonous so don't let the dog or cat get into it.

Remove the radiator hose to the side cover (you will be removing the cover.

Remove the side cover over the impeller

Remove the kick starter

Remove the side cover (note: I usually lean the bike over on the left side when I'm working on the right side.  This saves me having to drain the oil out)

The impeler and shaft are in the side cover.... get to it and remove, replace the seals and bearings.

Installation is reverse the process.

You may need a new gasket for the side cover.

Also,  When installing the side cover be very careful.  DO NOT install the cover over the impeler before you install the side cover because you need to get to the impeler and TURN the impeler so that the gear engages its mate that drives it.  There have been many bikes ruined when the owner forced the cover on with the bolts only to break the gear on the first kick.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!!!!!!!

Make sure the impeler is engaged in the gear and the side cover is flush with the case and sealing properly.

Good luck

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