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TTR90 Slipping Kickstart Deeper Centrifugal Clutch Question

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Picture1.pngI have a 2002 TTR90.  The kickstart was slipping and missing half the time.  I backed out the adjuster screw, reseated it, and backed it out 1/8th per the manual.  It still slipped often.


Now that it is winter, I had the chance to pull the case cover.  All of the clutch plates are in spec and the basket is in good shape.  I re-torqued the basket, put the case on with a few bolts, and tried kicking it a few times with the adjuster completely out of the opposite case cover (no pressure at all).  It still slips 1 in 4 or 5 times.  It is much better than before but I am not happy with the slipping/missing kicks.


Before I button it up, should I pull the clutch basket and primary clutch housing to check the centrifugal clutch for spec?  


From the diagram, the kick shaft turns the clutch basket [12] which turns the Primary clutch housing [18].  However, the centrifugal clutch carrier does not appear to matter as the clutch spins the housing when the engine revs not the other way around.


If that is not the problem, where could it still be slipping?

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see Item # 20?

thats whats hanging you up

it grabs # 18 to make the connection to the crank shaft


check 18 for scoring, you can sand it evenly with wet dry sand paper

also try scuffing the pads on #20


or replace them both


the harder you kick the better they engage


use regular oil no synthetic

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