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What to rebuild

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Just got a 2000 cr 250 I want to check out/rebuild motor preliminary inspection shows piston has some wear on the skirt no noticable blow by and cylinder seems to be good other than having some aluminum galded up in one spot piston seems to have no noticable up down play. I have the ability to rebuild a 350 chevy but know very little about 2 strokes.

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if you can re build car motors yo can do a 2 stroke.


the cylinder sounds like it needs some attention, it should be smooth and not have chunks of aluminum on it.


get yourself a manual, it will save a ton of questions and headaches.


go over the whole bike, check brake pads, bearings.


depending on the prior owner it might need a bunch if not all the bearings replaced.


its a good way to get to know your bike.

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