GYT-R gas tank for WR 450

I know a lot of you are looking for a bigger tank especially Ddialouge, have you checked out GYT-R tank, comes in blue or transucent, 3.4 gallons. I was looking at the picture in the catalog, looks different than the IMS, seems to be taller and not hang down as far.

I had NO idea GYTR made such a tank! Do you have link for that thing? I can't find it on the accessories site for Yamaha.


It must be new for 04, I don't see it on the Yamaha web site either. I got an 04 Gyt-r catalog from my dealer yesterday and it has a picture of them. so hopfully your dealer will have the new catalog. And don't ever use the K word again, you know what I'am talking about.

looks different than the IMS, seems to be taller and not hang down as far.

Just a thought, but the last thing you really want is to take a bike that is already a little top heavy and put a bigger tank on it that sits up higher which will add to the top heavy feel.

Just my .02

The problem is, any larger tank is going to add weight to the upper part of the bike, its the sacrifice you have to make if you want longer range.

I believe GYT-R plastics and tanks are Acerbis parts. Acerbis says theirs is 3.3 while GYT-R says 3.4. IMS makes Zip-Ty's tanks and is listed at 3.2.


Zip-Ty tank. _ttank.jpg


If you order direct from Acerbis they have free shipping and no tax.

Hey SGB you the man thanks for the picture. Looks pretty cool huh? It comes with the metal around cap in case you want to install a dry brake. You like that DDialouge?

S W E E T!! 3.4gal is the magic number for me! Now, I just need my tax return to get here... :)

And don't ever use the K word again, you know what I'm talking about.

Na, I'm staying with the Blue-Brotherhood for awhile (heck, I own four Yamahas!) :D:)

Hey where do I order my 3.4 gallon tank! I wanted 3.6+ but I will settle for 3.4 gallons. Yamaha is selling it? :) GYT-R products has tanks? Please post a link. Thanks. :D

I have the Acerbis 3.4 tank on mine and love it. I haven't tested the range on it yet but it will be put to the test in a couple of weeks when i go to Baja. The quality seems to be better than the IMS I had on my 426. Just my opinion.


Where did you order your tank from? Through GYT-R or through Acerbis? Just curious because Acerbis told me their 3.4 won't be available until March 1st...

Hey where do I order my 3.4 gallon tank! Please post a link. Thanks. :)

I put a YOT! link in my 1st post.

Does anyone have this 3.4-gal. tank with a Scotts damper? Do they clear each other OK?

Catfish ...

I have my Clarke tank mounted, and my bud has his Scotts in the garage at my house. Maybe i could hold it up in a mounted position to see if it would clear. The Clarke tank is tall, but i think it wouldn't interfer anyway since it doesn't go forward more than the stocker.

I ordered mine through Cycle Gear. Actually I think it was for the 03 450 but it worked on the 04. It is an Acerbis. See if they have ay for te 03. I got mine back in September.

I think the Scotts post will run up against the tank. The Damper itself should clear. A custom made post may be required. It also looks like rad braces will not fit with the bigger tank but rad guards should. I am going to have to order one and make it work. :)

Go Indy, go Indy, go Indy....

I cant live without my Scotts! :)

How about use with a GPR (version 1)? I need this tank for long desert trips.

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