GYT-R gas tank for WR 450

I hope it will work with the GPR 2.0... :)

I installed the Acerbis tank in my 450 last fall, no problems with the Scott's damper. The tank took a little work to fit, had to remove the two small rubber bumpers on top of the frame that the stock tank sat on, I also had to replace the plastic knob that's screwed on top of the tank to hold the seat on. I made mine oval shaped, out of aluminum. The guys at Acerbis told me I'd have to do some kind of modification at the seat connection because the tank was designed for a YZ. They talked about changing the tank early in 04 so it would work for both bikes. The tank comes with a reserve fuel petcock on the left side and a on/off petcock on the right. With careful routing of the fuel lines the carb will draw all of the gas from the tank, the IMS carries some of the fuel below the carb which in my opinion doesn't do you much good. My Devol rad guards worked as well, you have to buy YZ shrouds and trim the reinforcement ribs on the back. I would guess my range to be about 120-130 miles.

For all of you fellas who desperately want bigger tanks, you can enlarge your current tanks by about 15%(tested by me) if you fill it with hot water and blow some compressed air in the cap. I made my 10L XR600 tank to 12L, but after some time it shrunk a little to 11.4L. I will do it also with my new wr450 when I get it, so I may post some results...

Here is the associated text from the '04 GYT-R catalogue that goes with SBG's pix up above:

"YZ Extra Capacity Fuel Tank Kit

Kit engineered to be slim - almost the same width as the stock tank at the seat/tank juncture. This tank can also be used on WR models - its slimmer desing also allows for the use of a YZ seat. Dual fuel petcocks allow for complete fuel usage. This design permits use of a quick fill/dry break receiver without modifications. Comes complete with billet aluminum receiver and cap when not in need of quick fill/dry break system."

3.4 Gallon Tank.

Fits 03-04 YZ250F/450F (will also fit WR250F/450F if GYT-5TA31-00-RB YZ Radiator Shrouds are used).

Blue Tank P/N is: GYT-5TA24-00-RB, $245.95

Translucent Tank P/N: GYT-5TA24-00-CL, $245.95

The same radiator shrouds are available in black with a P/N of: GYT-5TA31-00-BK.

Also available for 98-02 WR250/400/426:

Blue 3.2 Gallon: YZR-5JG24-00-BL (stock limited)

Traslucent 3.2 Gallon: YZR-5JG24-00-CL (stock limited)


Has anyone looked at the Clarke tanks? I have one on my '02, it's 3.4 gallons and can be used with a YZ seat. As I recall, it was about $200, a little cheaper than the GYT-R.

Clarke only makes a 2.8 gallon tank and it's intended for the YZF (although it will still fit the WR.)

Clarke only makes a 2.8 gallon tank and it's intended for the YZF (although it will still fit the WR.)

It actually looks great on the WR. I thought I might need a new seat, but it looks fine. The Scotts or any damper should clear easily. I compared my new tank to my buds stock WR tank, and his stocker is actually closer to the damper than mine would be.

Anyone who has pics of the 3.4 mounted up on a 250 or 450, please post them! I'd really like to see what this looks like mounted up. If you don't have pic hosting capability, I'd be happy to host the pics on my webspace, just email them to: Thanks!

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