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My restored 79 cr125 red rocket

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Hi fellow TTers just wanted to share my light resto on my completey original 125 red rocket it has spent most of its life stored away it only needed a tidy up. Hope you guys enjoy I'm thinking of getting her dirty soon even though she's mint, I'm also new to the forum and thinking of building a mid 90's steelie next. Anyone know what years to look for of the last gen steel models.







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Thanks guys and definitely a 125 I used to race them many years ago and have always loved them. All I need is steelie chassis and I can start ordering parts or look for a beater.

I would like to get hold of a mugen cylinder, head etc for the build but I understand they are next to impossible to get, unless someone has any leads?

May have found a bigger brother brother for my '79 125 😉

Going to look at her tomorow, I'm sure that's the mugen color scheme the guy wants alot more than what I value mine at and it's not as clean.

And yes I do have more money than sense 😛


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I couldn't agree more fenmore even if 2ts did come back (to the mx world) I doubt Honda or any jap manufacturer will start producing them again, it's a shame.

I guess it's still good the likes of ktm, beta, tm etc are keeping them alive. I was going to say Yamaha also but bng and restyled plastics dont count in my book.... Anyways going off topic need to keep it RED

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watch e-bay, mugen parts come up now and again.

modern builders have a good knowledge of what the works guys did back then and can replicate it pretty well.

I have a race prepped 250 and its a beast.

Thanks again hopefully I'll be making my first build thread on here soon and I'll keep an eye out.

There's a guy on here who has a 91 works bike (could be wrong) with a custom alu frame and mugen bits and a few more really special 125s hopefully he may chime in. I'm unsure of his user name.

I'm purely building these bikes as a hobby as I have health issues which I'm trying to beat. But keeping it positive I'm riding for the first time this year weekend I can not wait.

I rode a race preped cr250 in the late 90's it was a beast motorwise but them 1st gen Alu frames weren't much to shout about.

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If you are wanting to do a restore on a last gen steel framed 125, get a 95-97. That seems to be the cut off for getting parts for them. I have a 94 and when I search for aftermarket parts, it seems the 95's are available but the 94's are not.

This is the type of info I was hoping for thank you very much sir! I shared you pain when building my '79 probably even more so. But as I'm used to building older bikes so I'm sure my sources can help me.

What year motors will fit into the 97 frame ? Did they redesign much when going to the alu frame?

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