Fly wheel puller size?

I have a Fly wheel puller that I had bought from RMATVMC when I had my 2010 YZ450. I was wondering if it would fit on my new 2015 YZ250 (2-stroke).  If not is there a compromise?   I have a GYTR 8.4oz Fly wheel I'm wanting to put on tomorrow evening so I can try it out Sunday at the track.


I know that proper tools are needed to be used for the job but sometimes there is tricks or other ways to do certain things.  Like for example:  using a threaded rod with some nuts and washers on it to make a tool to press swing arm bearings out where other wise you would have to buy a tool from motion pro for $80.


Just wondering if there was another way to get the stock fly wheel off and the GYTR on with out having to use a puller if the one I have wont work.



I seen where some people say to use a Air impact gun.  I can see using that to get the outer nut off but how to pull the Fly wheel off? 

The only thing that will do the job without damage is the correct puller, period. 


It takes the same puller, anyway, so no worries.

The only thing that will do the job without damage is the correct puller, period. 


It takes the same puller, anyway, so no worries


Good!   Thanks gray!........I know you're straight up an by the book an thats why it's good learning from you.  In the past I would take short cuts but now I'm more of doing it the right way like you state.    I just seen on RMATVMC the puller for a YZ250 was a 24mm  and then looked at the 450 an it said 27mm  ..... and I was like "dang"  i knew there would be a difference.     I was hoping to get this on tomorrow so I could ride it Sunday and try it out.


Glad it's the right one.     So now I can spend tomorrow greasing the swing-arm , A-arm and steering head instead of looking for a puller.

The puller wont work!.............The 24mm puller I have by Tusk has the inside threads.  It needs to have the threads on the out side of the socket.  Now the little nipple that threads on to the threads where you take the nut that holds the fly wheel on works but the socket part of the puller wont cause the threads to it are in the inside to where it needs to be on the outer part..............Imagine that!.......

I went down to the shop an borrowed my friends puller which was the right one.  I got to thinking about the one I had and it was the one I had bought for the 06 450 when I had it.


I got the GTYR 8.4oz installed but took some thinking on how to get 40lbs of torque on the FW nut with out having the motor to turn.  I had a clutch holding tool that had the two nipples on one side but the two holes on the FW were a recessed deeper down on the GYTR.  The stock FW the two holes were flush on the top which made the clutch holding tool easy to apply it into the holes to get a good hold on it.


Anyways I had to think of a way to keep the FW from moving and I use a floor jack handle that was about 2 1/2 foot long and put it under the swingarm through the spokes.


This way when I tightened the bolt the handle would push against the swingarm underneath an keep the FW from moving. 


I just thought I would pass this method along so if anyone else needed to know.   Worked good for me.

Dead blow hammer tap flywheel comes riigt off.

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