Torque specs for clutch cover?

What are the torque specs for a 426 clutch cover?


While we are at it; 426f takes 1 1/2 quarts of oil correct?



Aw! Come on Bill, I bet you know anyways.

My service manual only has Newton measurements, not inch pounds. Hence, why I am asking.

The clutch cover will be 7.2 ft/lbs like almost all the other M6x1.0 screws on the bike.  That's 86 inch pounds. 


No real reason to even use a torque wrench on something like that if you have a reasonable amount of mechanical sense. 


I advise anyone who finds himself annoyed by this kind of question simply ignore it and find some other way to amuse himself rather than flaming the poster.  Only one person looks like a jackass when that's done.

Thanks Grayracer, I appreciate the help!

One last question after sifting through my service book and also can't find the correct answer: 426 takes a 1.5 quarts of oil correct?

On page 2 of section 2, your manual states that the bike takes 1.5 Liters of oil when doing an oil change without changing the filter.  That's 1.6 quarts.


With a filter change, it takes 1.6 liters, or 1.7 quarts. 


The "total amount" refers only to what would be needed to fill the system if the engine had just been apart and reassembled.  There's about 100cc that are functionally impossible to drain.

Ok, thanks again. No more dumb noob questions I promise. My service manual doesn't have that either on those pages.

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